Positive displacement flowmeters

Positive displacement flowmeters are used for the measurement of different liquids. They operate on the displacement principle, which means that when the meter makes one complete rotation, a certain volume of the liquid flows through the meter.

Precision as an advantage

Viscosities may vary from the liquid gas to the properties of bitumen. If the liquid can be pumped, it can also be measured.

The meters are very precise and can therefore be well applied for the dosage, for the measurement of additives and oil consumption or even for the invoicing procedures. The product range includes different display units, counters and signal converters.


  • DN 10-300
  • PN 10-320
  • Mittausalue 1 l/h - 960 m3/h
  • GGG 40.3, C-teru00e4s, AISI 316
  • Tarkkuus u00b101,-0,5 %

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