Vortex flowmeters

Vortex flowmeters have a flowing barrier that creates swirl by turns on both sides of the stop piece. The frequency of swirls is proportional to the flow rate. From the flow rate, the volume flow can be calculated, if the pipe diameter is known.

The advantage of the Vortex measurement is its simplicity, versatility and also affordable price. It can be used in various applications.

For liquids, gases and steam

Vortex flowmeters can be applied for the measurement of low viscosity liquids, gases as well as saturated and superheated steam.

The structure of the meter is “welded”, so it can be maintained while the process is running. It is also possible to get the electronics separately in order to apply the meter at high temperatures. Flanged models and models to be mounted between flanges are also available.


  • DN 15-300
  • PN 16-100
  • AISI 316, teru00e4s, hastelloy
  • Tarkkuus u00b10,6 %
  • -40oC - +400oC

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