Density measurement

The operation of the SMAR density sensor is based on the measurement of the hydrostatic pressure. The sensor has two measuring membranes at a distance of 500 mm from each other, and a temperature sensor between them. This appliance is available as a straight and as an angular model and is fitted with a DN 100 flange as well as with a "Tri-Clamp" connector for the food industry.

The BOPP & REUTHER DIMF measurement is based on the flowing of the medium through the oscillating elements. The density of the medium will causes changes in the oscillating frequency.

Applications for alkaline and wastewater

The main applications are the measurements of the alkaline or solid particles in the wastewater in the pulp industry as well as the solid matter content measurements in the food industry. The sensor can be also used for the measurement of the boundary surface between different agents.

The density sensor can be installed either directly in the line, in a storage tank or in a by-pass flow. It does not contain any moving parts and it does not require any usage permission.


  • Kostuvat osat (kalvo) 316L tai hastelloy C 276
  • Mitta-alueet 0,5-5 g/cm3
  • Tarkkuus u00b1 0,0004 g/m3
  • Vu00e4liaineen viskositeetti testattu 9000 cp
  • Staattinen paine max. 70 bar
  • Pitoisuusyksiku00f6t Brix, Plato, Baumu00e9, Gay-Lussac, INPM tai kiintoaine-%
  • 4-20 mA Hart, Profibus PA, FF

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