Measurement of torsional force

VAF Instruments’ torsional force measurement will give information about the torsional force of the appliance to be measured at the axle ends. On the basis of measurement results, it is possible to analyse, whether the full power is transferred to the axle, or whether it gets lost elsewhere in the system. Results of the changes made can be immediately read from the meter. This will give high saving potential for the systems.

Even 5% economy in fuel expenses

A typical application for the torsional force measurement is ships’ propelling screws where, for example, the blade angle revolutions have a high influence on the torsional force transferred to the axle. By optimising the blade angles depending on the sea conditions, even 5% fuel economy has been achieved computationally that means in practice a repayment period of the torsional force measurement investment of a couple of weeks.

In addition to the energy saving, the advantage of the torsional force measuring instrument is also its easy installation. It can be performed without special skills as a part of the plant’s own maintenance works.

A meter is available as optional equipment for the measurement of the torsional force indicating directly the consumption in the plant. Therefore, process changes are directly seen from the consumption meter.

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