Viscosity measurement

VAF Viscosense® system is used for the measurement and adjustment of viscosity.

The viscosity meter can be used in numerous industrial processes for the measurement of heavy fuel oil both in ships and power stations.

Ease of use in industrial conditions as an advantage

A typical application is the measurement of the viscosity of the ship fuel as well as its modification to the optimum viscosity in relation to the coefficient of efficiency of the ship fuel, as the quality of fuel available in ports varies extensively.

The measuring instrument does not contain moving parts and it is easy to install. A recalibration is not needed. The appliance has also an integrated Pt 100 sensor. The viscosimeter can be ordered provided with a DN 50–150 process joints. Seat materials GGG 40.3, steel or AISI 316 according to the process conditions. The material of the measuring sensor itself is AISI 316 with Teflon coating.


  • Ei liikkuvia osia
  • "in-line"-mittaus
  • 0-2000 mPas
  • 4-20 mA lähtöviesti
  • Eexd II C T6T3 mahdollinen

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