Level switches

As the liquid level rises to the height preset in the system, the level switches send the data to the controller that closes the feeding of additional liquid. A level switch uses a certain on-off level control.

Alternatives with floats and electrodes

KSR KUEBLER manufactures float switches to be installed both from above and from the sides. A float switch is a traditional, rather affordable method for performing an on-off level measurement. Vertical models are available with different limit data.

Electrode measurement is a slightly more modern method. It is advantageous, because it is maintenance free, as there are no moving parts in the electrode. Electrodes are suitable for clearly higher temperatures than float switches the applications of which are, for example, steam boilers.

If limit data is sufficient for the level control, the best solution is GESTRA’s conductive electrodes that can send out maximum four individual limit messages. A compact model is also available where four separate zero voltage change-over contacts have been integrated in the electrode.