Level transmitters

The level transmitters send the data about the level movements to the controller, which controls the control valves according to the preset parameters.

Bus connections

For a continuous level measurement, GESTRA’s capacitive electrode with an active transmitter (output signal 4–20 mA) integrated in the sensor or using a special amplifier where the communication between the sensor and the amplifier takes place in digital mode. GESTRA’s level electrodes are designed for liquids the conductivity of which is at least 0.5 µS/cm. The pressure/temperature class of sensors is max. 32 bar(g) / 238 °C (PN 40). SMAR differential pressure transmitters and flanged level transmitters are designed for the same applications as the electrode-type sensors as well as for applications where, for example, non-conductive liquids, chemicals, etc. are measured, or where the required pressure/temperature resistance is too high for the electrodes. Available are 4–20 mA Hart and Profibus PA models or models to be connected to the FF bus.