Ball valves.

Ball valves

Ball valves are universal valves for application in different processes. They are fast to use, relatively lightweight and can be used with different media.

Among our wide ball valve range, you can find both models with soft and metal seats.

ALFA ball valves are soft seated 2-way and 3-way valves up to the nominal size of DN 400. Small size classes are with a floating structure and large sizes with a fixed structure. Read more

In addition to normal valve applications, the A+R ball valves supplement our assortment with special solutions for the petrochemical industry.

ALFA Penta metal seated ball valves as well as custom-built product solutions are suitable for applications with high temperature and pressure.

Our product range covers valves that conform to DIN and ANSI classifications. Special materials as hastelloy, duplex and titan are also available.

In addition to manual operation, all ball valves are available either with pneumatic or electrical actuators and with necessary optional extras.