Micro turbines

G-TEAM micro turbines are devices so that can they be installed parallel to the pressure reducing valve of the process or as a replacement for it.

If using a normal pressure reducing valve during the reduction of pressure in steam systems, no energy content bound with the higher pressure can be recovered, but it increases the steam temperature on the downstream side and gets partly lost in the piping. The cooling of steam is often necessary also.

Waste energy to electricity

In using a micro turbine, the pressure can be reduced at the same time when the energy content difference enables rotating the rotor of the micro turbine and converting the heat energy to electricity. It is possible to utilise the recovered energy in the plant’s own electrical network, such as for the rotation of pumps. The micro turbine can also be applied directly, for example, for the propelling of the compressor.

The repayment period of the investment can be easily calculated if the process values of the pressure reduction are known.

We will deliver the micro turbines readily installed and tested for the system. A supplier's representative is always present during the commissioning event.


  • Tehoalueet 100-3000kW
  • Höyryn tulopaine max. 60 bar
  • Höyryn lähtöpaine max. 25 bar
  • Vaadittu paineenalennuksen lämpösisältö min. 180 kJ/kg
  • Kompakti asennuskoko

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