Non-return valves.

Non-return valves

The task of the non-return valves or backflow valves is to prevent the flow of the media in a certain flowing direction.

Our product range covers all non-return valve models used in the industry. They can be divided into four groups.

The most traditional model is a flanged or welded non-return valve. Up to the PN 40, these non-return valves are ARI valves, and the welded high pressure non-return valves up to PN 500 are STRACK valves. The flanged non-return valves in our product range are from GESTRA. According to the nominal size, pressure class and, above all, the pressure loss, a flanged non-return valve suitable for certain process can be selected from our product range of Disco, flap non-return valves or dual-butterfly non-return valves. Read more

It is also important that the non-return valves will be dimensioned and not only selected according to the pipe size.

Our product range covers also ASME non-return valves up to the pressure class of 2500# as well as non-return valves that can be locked in the open position.

In addition, ARI ARMATUREN’s seat valve assortment also includes a closable non-return valve.

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