Metal seated ball valves

Metal seated ball valves are an excellent selection if the valve needs to be quickly operated and lightweight, but at the same time with high temperature resistance.

As there are different process media and the pressures combined with high temperatures are very challenging, it is absolutely important that the operation and material of each metal seated ball valve are precisely considered and selected.

A correct valve from a wide selection of materials

A wide alternative pressure, temperature and material selection as well as the extensive experience of our vendor partners help us to select a cost-effective valve for different process needs.

Valves are available as 2-way models for on/off operation as well as 3-way models for distribution applications. Valves are available as floating or fixed construction alternatives. Antistatic properties conform to the standard BS 5146 and the construction to TA-Luft TÜV.

Our ball valves are available as manually operated or with pneumatic or electrical actuators.


  • DN 15-500
  • DIN PN 16-160, ANSI 150-2500
  • Laippojen vu00e4liin, laipoin, kiertein, hitsauspu00e4in
  • Runko/pallo A105 /C22.8), WCB 1304, 316, 316T, hastelloy B tai C, titaani, duplex
  • Tiivisteet Pentafite (itseu00e4u00e4n voiteleva metallitiiviste), stelliitti
  • Pallon kovapinnoitteisiin useita vaihtoehtoja
  • Ku00e4yttu00f6lu00e4mpu00f6tila-alue -148oC - +800oC

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