Soft seated ball valves

Ball valves fitted with soft, mostly different graphite seals are suitable for applications where the temperature will not rise too high (max. 250 °C).

Our product range comprises both 2-way and 3-way valves. 3-way ball valves can be used both in distribution and mixing applications.

Connection alternatives include welding ends, threads and flanges. As an option, a thin ALFA 10 model at only the size of a ball. This is a lightweight, cost-efficient option for several applications where a flanged model is preferred, but only a shorter construction size is acceptable.

The small size classes of ball valves have a floating structure and large sizes are with a fixed Fire Safe structure, while antistatic properties conform to the standard BS 5146 and the construction to TA-Luft TüV.

If desired, we will deliver heating jackets, extension stems, special sealing solutions (TI, V) as well as valves for cryogenic applications.

Wide material selection

As a ball valve is a typical process valve, its material selection is also wide. Different body, ball and seal material combinations ensure that there is a suitable valve for different media available.

From our product range, you will find valves that conform to both DIN and ASME classifications.

Our ball valves are available either for manual operation or with optional extras necessary for pneumatic or electrical actuators.


  • DN 15-500
  • DIN PN 16-160, ANSI 150-2500
  • Laippojen vu00e4liin, laipoin, kiertein, hitsauspu00e4in
  • Runko/pallo A105 (C22.8), WCB 1304, 316, 316T, hastelloy B tai C, titaani, duplex
  • Tiivisteet PTFE, RTFE, TGV, AM, derlin, devlon
  • Ku00e4yttu00f6lu00e4mpu00f6tila-alue -196oC - +250oC

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