Metal seated butterfly valves

In metal seated RT butterfly valves, the sealing surface between the flap and the body are made of metal as the name of the valve denotes. In the body, however, it is possible to use a special thin seal. In this case, the tightness is improved, but, on the other hand, the temperature resistance is reduced.

As pressure resistance and especially temperature resistance properties of metal seated butterfly valves are clearly better than those of rubber lined flaps, their application range is wider.

Installation options include a model to be installed between flanges, a flanged model and a welded model.

Different application possibilities

A metal seated butterfly valve is not barely an on/off type valve but, as a custom-manufactured valve, it can also be applied to control applications.
The material selection is comprehensive, so there is a solution available for even the most demanding process media.

Valves can be equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators.

Our product range also contains a comprehensive ASME valve assortment up to the pressure class of 2500#.


  • DN 80-800
  • PN 10-63
  • Laippojen väliin, laipoin, hitsauspäin
  • Teräs, ruostumaton- ja haponkestävä teräs, erikoismateriaalit

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