Condensate discharge.

Condensate discharge

The German company GESTRA is a pioneer in the field of steam traps. Founded in 1902, Gestra is a specialist of steam and condensate systems, and it has developed and patented the majority of the steam traps that we use at present. Oy Konwell Ab has represented GESTRA since Konwell’s foundation in 1982.

GESTRA’s product range comprises a full range of valves and equipment related to steam and condensate systems. The product range contains steam traps and condensate lifters based on different operating principles and applicable for different purposes.

The product range includes both steam driers / drop separators and automatic start-up condensate drain valves. Read more

The product range is supplemented by small compact ARI steam and condensate manifolds as well as compact, installation-ready steam heat exchanger packages.

According to your order, we will also deliver expansion steam recovery systems as well as feeding water, condensate collection and expansion tanks.

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