Sludge separators

ARI manufactures traditional flanged and welded sludge separators. GESTRA’s sludge separators are compact filters to be installed between flanges. Fine screens are available for all models.

A strainer model for high flow rates

Our product range covers a wide selection of different sludge separators. In the water systems, it is possible to use threaded models made of brass. ARI steel sludge separators suit for the steam and condensate systems. A sludge separator for process systems can be selected from our acid-proof models. In addition, our selection includes strainer filters for high flow rates.


  • DN 15-300
  • PN 16-40
  • Laipoin, hitsauspu00e4in
  • GG-25, GGG 40.3, GS-C 25, AISI 316

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