Wedge gate valves

The actuator of wedge gate valves is a slightly wedge-formed closing element that rises and lowers while revolving the valve stem.

The structure of the valve is relatively simple, and it is therefore one of the basic valve types in the industry.

On the other hand, this valve cannot be used for any control function.

Wide colour selection for different needs

The product range comprises valves from OMB small compact DN 15 gate valves to the large RT DN 800 valves of the pressure class PN 320. Our DIN wedge gate valve product range is supplemented by ASME assortment up to pressure class 2500#.

In addition to traditional models with gland seals, our product range also includes models with bellows seals for process conditions when it is absolutely important that no medium is released into the ambient air via the stuffing box.

The most typical materials are steel and acid-proof steel, but there are also alternatives in the form of more inexpensive spheroidal graphite cast iron as well as cold ductile LF2 materials.

In addition to manual operation possibility, all gate valves can be fitted with electrical actuators.


  • DN 15-800
  • PN 16-320
  • Laipoin, hitsausmuhvein, hitsauspäin
  • Teräs, kylmänsitkeä ja haponkestävä teräs

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