Flanged and welded non-return valves

The body length of flanged non-return valves conforms to standard measures so it is possible to replace the damaged valves with new ones without the need to change works in the piping. In new building projects, it is often economically more efficient to use flanged non-return valves, as the structure of such valves is lighter and they are more affordable.

In the waterworks construction, ball non-return valves can still be used as an option worth considering, if the media includes a material that obstructs a traditional non-return valve.

Power plant model

In many processes, one has to be sure that the non-return valve will not start leaking in the flange seat. 

For such applications, welded non-return valves are suitable. Our assortment contains suitable valves made of different materials up to the pressure class PN 500.

Our product range selection covers also ASME non-return valves up to the pressure class 2500#. They include both non-return valves to be locked in the open position as well as closable non-return valves.


  • DN 15-500
  • PN 16-500, ASME 150-2500#
  • Laipoin, hitsauspu00e4in
  • GG-25, GS-C 25, AISI 316, GS-12CrMo19.5
  • Venttiilit voidaan toimittaa myu00f6s stellitoituna

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