Remote control equipment

When constructing systems, it is not always possible to position valves to optimal places in terms of their operation. Instead, they may sometimes be located on high pipe racks, down in confined pipe tunnels or in places where the surrounding conditions pose their challenge to the normal operation of the valve. If such valves are operated seldom, their automation may be too expensive. A manual remote control unit FLEXI DRIVE of SMITH FLOW CONTROL is just designed for such locations.

Operation from a safe place

The remote control unit consists of two operating stations actuated by a gear wheel, and a cable running between them. One of the operating stations will be positioned onto the valve being operated, and the other station to a place from where the valve is wished to be operated.

Due to a flexible cable, the operating point can be located even at the distance of 60 metres from the valve itself. The Flexi-Drive application places may have angles and bends that are not possible in chain pulleys and extension spindles.

The remote control unit is suitable for all valve models and is easy to install afterwards.


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