Flame dampers

The flame dampers will stop flames advancing in the piping (in-line) or inhibit, for example, the spread of fire from outside of the tank into the tank (end-of-line).

The flame dampers are divided into two classes according to the nature of flames. In the first phase of the fire, the pressure wave and the flame wave advance separately (deflagration). If the pipe proceeds and the flame continue to spread, an explosive fire (detonation) is formed when the flame wave meets the pressure wave.

Selection criteria are obtained from the process

In selecting the type of a flame damper and considering an installation site, it is important that the process is known and that the potential ignition risks and places can be assessed. It is said that the flame damper cannot eliminate fires, but a properly selected and installed damper can inhibit the spread of fire to critical places.

The flame dampers are always selected according to the explosion class of the media.

The explosion classes used by PROTEGO are IIA, IIB3 and the highest class is IIC.


  • DN 15 - 1600
  • Kiertein, laipoin
  • GGG 40, GS-C 25, AISI 316, hastelloy

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