Quick-action blinding devices

To ensure the safety of processes, it is sometimes necessary to blind the piping, i.e. to install a blind flange in the piping. Traditionally, it is made with a so-called striker plug, but this work is rather labour intensive and time consuming, especially in confined spaces and large size classes.

Fast and safe blinding

ONIS quick-action blinding device consists of two body halves fitted either with flanges or welding ends connected to each other with eccentric bolts or connecting plates. This system has such significant advantage that one person is easily able to turn one lever or handwheel to blind even the piping of the nominal size up to DN 1200.

Such simple operation of the device improves work safety, shortens shutdown times and reduces the need for a workforce during the blinding operation.


  • DN 15-1200
  • PN 16-630, ANSI 150#-1500#
  • Runko A350LF2, 304L tai 316L
  • Luisti 316L DN 100 saakka ja DN 125 lu00e4htien 304L
  • FKM- tai metallitiivistein prosessin mukaan

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