Rupture discs

The rupture discs are also referred to as bursting discs or burst diaphragms. Those names describe the disc’s operation well. A rupture disc is a solid disc on which a certain pre-adapted breaking point has been technically implemented, and which will be installed on a process pipe. The disc should, however, be of such quality that it would be technically feasible to make a breaking point in the disc. When such a rupture disc is installed in a process pipe, it will keep the pressure behind it until the pressure corresponding to the set pressure will not be exceeded. After the set pressure has been exceeded, the rupture disc will break and release the pressure from the system. After the pressure has dropped again, a new, intact disc will be installed in the line.

The rupture discs can be equipped with detectors that indicate the breaking of the plate.

Selection as a sum of several subfactors

Especially in large size classes, the rupture discs are significantly lighter than the safety valves of the respective size.

Various aspects should be considered while dimensioning and selecting the rupture disc. Such aspects include, for example, how precisely at the set pressure the disc should break. The rupture disc has namely different manufacturing tolerances. It has also to be found out whether the load is pulsating or even is there need for a vacuum protection, is it allowed for the disc to break into loose parts or not, etc. Our sales personnel will dimension and select a suitable and cost efficient rupture disc for you.


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