Safety and vacuum relief valves

With the help of the safety and vacuum relief valves it is possible to avoid the emergence of either underpressure, i.e. vacuum in the piping or in the tank or the formation of excessive overpressure in the system.

The GESTRA, NIEZGODKA and AWH models are designed for relatively small size classes and flow rates. The section “tank vent valves” includes corresponding safety and vacuum relief valves, but their setting pressures are clearly lower than by the valves described on this page.

On inquiry, we will offer also tailored vacuum relief valves for higher capacities.

Typically spring-operated

Safety and vacuum relief valves are spring-loaded and they will open at the moment when the set pressure is exceeded. Depending on the range of models and desired flow rates, wedge solutions of different sizes can be added to the valves in order to increase their capacity. A slight exception is the GESTRA’s RK 86A valve that is a non-return valve, but thanks to its good tightness, it can be used also as a vacuum relief valve.


  • DN 10-250
  • PN 6-40
  • Laipoin, kiertein
  • AISI 304, AISI 316

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