Safety valves

The task of safety valves is simply to release the pressure from the processes if it exceeds the pressure set on the valve.

Our product range includes a comprehensive selection of safety valves for the requirements of different processes.

Small threaded acid-proof safety valves for process industry are supplemented by large steam safety valves for the high pressure side also, as well both the DIN and the ASME range.

The product range includes normal-lift and high-lift safety valves, valves with an open or closed seat as well as hoods from an open to a gas tight model. The selection ensures clients can find an appropriate model for steam, liquid and gas application.

A good buffer stock facilitates fast deliveries

It is important that the capacity of a safety valve equals at least to the flow rate that is present in the piping at the moment when the pressure releasing starts. We will dimension the safety valves for different medias and attach dimensioning calculations to the other documentation.

We will keep a good buffer stock of bodies and springs for different models. We will tune the fast-delivery valves quickly and reliably to a desired set pressure.


  • DN 10-200
  • PN 16-200, ASME 150-2500#
  • Laipoin, kiertein
  • GG-25, GGG 40.3, GS-C 25, AISI 304, AISI 316

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