Actuator operated high pressure valves

In high pressure applications, the tightness of the valve in the flow direction is a challenge, because the pressure difference between the seat/cone surfaces can be even hundreds of bars. In this case, it is important that the pressure drop inside the valve is controlled and, above all, staged. This is possible to achieve with the help of radial stage nozzles.

Our product range contains high pressure control valves up to the pressure difference of 560 bar.

Model and material according to the process conditions

Actuator operated high pressure valves are suitable for both shut-off and control applications and are available as either 2-way or 3-way models.

2-way valves are available either as straight through, angular or Z-shape models depending on the pressure difference of the process as well as the required pressure stages.

The high pressure valves can be equipped either with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators. Positioners, feedback and limit switches are available as optional extras.


  • DN 15-300, saatavana myu00f6s laajennetuilla lu00e4hdu00f6illu00e4
  • PN 64-600
  • Laipoin, hitsauspu00e4in
  • C 22.8, 15 Mo3, 10CrMo9

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