Manually operated shut-off valves

Seat valves are excellent shut-off or control valves for steam systems. Thanks to their construction, they open slowly, eliminating the formation of thermal water hammers.

The valve is tight in the flowing direction and the stuffing box structure of the valve is also now maintenance free thanks to the bellows-type sealing. In addition to a normal gland seal, the bellows sealed valves have a special bellows seal that depressurises the box and makes the valve’s movement easier. Our product range also includes traditional gland seal valves.

High pressure valves are equipped with a so-called bayonet bonnet that makes the valve maintenance friendly and locks the stuffing box structure securely, making the operation safer.

The standard equipment of the high pressure valves has also stellite sealing surfaces.

Low and high pressure valves product range

Our product range includes ARI low pressure valves with welded connections, as well as OMB valves with DIN and ASME flanges. OMB production is specialised on small compact shut-off valves, and the product range also includes special materials.

The valve assortment also includes STRACK high pressure shut-off valves up to the pressure class PN 600.


  • DN 15-500
  • PN 16-600, ASME 150-2500
  • Laipoin, hitsauspu00e4in, kiertein
  • GG-25, GGG 40, GS-C 25, C 22.8, AISI 316L, LF2, 15Mo3, 13CrMo44, 10CrMo910

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