Pressure containment valves

The task of the pressure containment valves is to ensure that the pressure after the valve will be maintained at the predetermined level. If the pressure tends to drop, the valve opens and adds some extra pressure into the system. Otherwise, the valve stays closed.

The pressure containment valves are suitable for steam, liquids and gases.

Two operating principles

For the pressure containment, you can choose whether you want to use valves where the pressure regulation occurs as a function between the inflow pressure of the line and the adjustable closing spring of the valve as in NIEZGODKA pressure containment valves.

The second, a slightly smoother operating mode is used in GESTRA valves and in models where the pressure regulation takes place by increasing or decreasing the spring force against the pressure coming from adjustment ring via the impulse pipe. The impulse pipe is located on the upstream side of valves.


  • DN 15-100
  • PN 16-40
  • Laipoin
  • GG-25, GGG 40, GS-C 25, AISI

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