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Training courses in spring 2015:

Due to the feedback at our last training event, we have renewed our general training course “LABRA” and given it the form 2+1.

It means that the training lasts the option of either one, two or three days.

The two first days of the training include an extended theoretical course about steam and condensate systems.

As more time was asked in the feedback for group work, mutual discussion and contemplation, we have found this time by transferring the automation part to the third day.

So it is also possible for us to prove with practical exercises the importance of valve deliveries both regarding the valves and the piping. 


According to a new training model, the customer can choose between the following options:

- a whole 3-day course

- a two-day course on steam and condensate systems

- a one-day field equipment course.

Feedback received from previous courses:


The event was well organised and the yield was good. The trainers were competent and presented their topics excellently.”

“A suitable package; practical examples and discussions held during breaks and in group work with different companies were useful.”

“Positive was the trainers’ expertise and the knowledge of practical problems.”

“I liked especially the demo-vehicle part of the training where the operation of the steam trap was demonstrated in practice. The application of heat exchangers was presented, and that is exactly what I need in my work. As well as valuable knowledge about taking into account the expansion steam in the dimensioning of condensate pipes”.


Steam and condensate training courses


6-8 May 2015

The general course on steam traps is a comprehensive information package about the fundamentals of steam and condensate systems down to the level of practical use.

This is a two-phase training.

In the theoretical part of the training, the steam and condensate system together with its equipment is dealt with including the monitoring and adjustment of steam processes. The supplementing practical part is organised with the help of the condensate removal presentation laboratory. The information is summed up and the course will be continued by studying the system as a whole. The term of expansion steam, dimensioning of the condensate piping, correct design of the system as well as malfunctioning situations such as water hammers are dealt with.All these questions are reflected with the help of practical examples given by the course participants themselves.

In the automation part, the control of the steam system as a whole is discussed. The questions related to the selection of control valves are studied together with calculation samples, the effect of different changing factors to the correctness of the flow measurement is characterised as well as the factors related to the selection of heat exchangers are dealt with.

Thanks to its versatility, the course is suitable for people from a professional installer to an expert.


Will be held again in spring 2015

The training contains a short theoretical course on steam. In the demo-vehicle, the steam traps will be presented in more detail. Thereafter, a condensed general overview of the whole system will be created. During the day, we can organise, if necessary, two complete training events. Around the demonstration vehicle, maximum 25 people can gather at a time. The minimum group size is 5 people.


15–16 April 2015 – REGISTRATION IS OPEN

A follow-up course is a thorough training package and it will be held in GESTRA’s premises in Germany. The theory will be exemplified in a glazed laboratory for steam and condensate built especially for training events. The course is aimed at people that have a relatively good basic knowledge in steam and condensate questions, and who deal at their workplaces with an existing steam system. As a basic training, we would recommend either our “LABRA“ or “TRÄPPI“ trainings or corresponding trainings organised by some other equipment supplier. The primary target group consists of people who acquire new energy-efficient steam or condensate systems or develop and maintain the existing system.

Further information and registration:

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