Float steam traps

GESTRA UNA float steam trap is a good choice for different applications as it is the only model that will remove condensate, irrespective of its temperature. In practice, due to the float technology, it means that the condensate will be discharged at the same temperature at which it reached the steam trap.

This is an important feature, such as when selecting a steam trap after the heat exchanger.

The second important feature is the wide capacity range of the steam trap. In addition to small float steam traps, the GESTRA product range also includes high capacity float steam traps that can reach the capacity of even 16,000 kg/h.

Versatile product range

Our assortment also includes high pressure float steam traps. At maximum level, they resist a pressure difference of even 140 bar.

As a new model on the market, GESTRA has a pumping float steam trap in which the auxiliary steam can be used as an aid when the pressure difference is not sufficient and the steam trap does not discharge condensate.

It is not recommended to install the float steam traps outdoors without heat tracing. If the condensate line after the trap rises, we recommend protecting the float from water hammers by using a GESTRA RK non-return valve.


  • DN 15-50
  • PN 16-160
  • Laipoin, kiertein, hitsausmuhvein, hitsauspäin
  • GG-25, GGG 40.3, GS-C 25N, AISI 316

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