Leak detectors

In normal working order, GESTRA steam traps operate so that they do not let live steam through at all. In the course of time, the steam trap can, however, be damaged due to different reasons such as pollution, water hammers or normal wear. In such instances, the steam trap may get into a state when it does not let through any condensate, not close any more, or not let even live steam through.

Depending on its nominal size and pressure, a single leaking steam trap may cause an annual loss of even 50,000 euro; hence, a regular check is reasonable in terms of energy economy.

Ultrasonic testing for live steam detection

The GESTRA VKP 10 leak detector punctually and reliably detects the leaking steam traps. The operation of the meter is based on ultrasonic testing. In a fault state when the steam flows through the trap, it will be visually seen on the scale of the meter. A steam trap check takes only a few seconds.

We carry out condition mapping of the stem traps. The survey includes measuring, reporting and a repair proposal. If necessary, we will also perform the actual maintenance work.

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