Steam and district heat piping

A drawback of traditional steam and district heat piping is the high heat loss on long transfer routes. With the help of the FW-Technik’s steel-cased pipe, a clear economy of energy can be achieved.

The pipe consists of an actual product pipe and the casing pipe around it. The intermediate room between the pipes is insulated and equipped with pipe supports. After the installation, vacuum is sucked in the intermediate space between the pipes, and therefore the thermal insulation of the casing pipe improves due to the thermos bottle effect. Compared to the normal pipe, the thermal losses decrease by about 50%. The pipe can be directly submerged into the ground without concrete pipe troughs.

Dangerous medias

In addition to transfer pipes, the second application area for the casing pipe is the transfer of dangerous medias. In this case, the protective casing pipe acts as a safety pipe in situations when the actual transfer pipe is damaged. When the vacuum disappears from the intermediate space, the system gives an alarm. In this case, the staff can inspect the situation and take necessary measures to avoid the possible environmental catastrophe.


  • DN 50-1000 (myös suurempia)
  • PN 16-100
  • Teräs, haponkestävä teräs

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